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Pages last updated: April 17, 2004


Storyline Based
Hack Mars follows a story about a young hacker in a world gone mad, Mars. A futuristic tale with friends, enemies, acted out by the player and a thousand unique npcs. Click here for the story.

Open Ended Mission System
Thousands of solutions in Hack Mars means different endings, different mission paths, and an immersive gameplay. If the revolution digusts you, you can take on different work in Hack Mars. You can work with different people, with different ideals, and solve the problems you see in your own way.

3D Modelling
Characters in Hack Mars are 3D models in a real-time rendered 3D world. Skeletal animation allows a huge range of motions for each action. While the system requirements are large for this game, you will quickly see how amazing and immersive the environments are, much larger than any first person shooter, more densely populated than any mmorpg, much more beautiful than any fighting game. Click here for in game screen shots and video.

A large interactive online world allows players to use and enhance their skills in electronic intrusion. Using high tech software with a wide array of open-ended tools, hackers can take control of the network. Part minigame, part mission, hacking is vital to the Hack Mars experience. Click here for information on programming in Hack Mars.

Music Production
Using random junk available on Mars and their skills, young musicians create digital artworks in the form of a duplicable ROM or live performance. From it comes ambient techno tracks, hardcore beats, stinging punk, and folk music which play throughout Hack Mars. More than enough music to keep you happy through the 20 hours of gameplay in Hack Mars. Editable playlists mean players can play what they want, even their own files. Click here for information and clips from the soundtrack of Hack Mars, with performances from rising star, Pete Voss.

Hand to Hand Combat
Unlike fighting games and RPGs, Hack Mars allows an open and realistic system to fight for your life in the horrible underworld of Mars or in a violent revolution. Click here for in game screen shots and video.

Hack Mars was designed by an otaku for otaku, all characters have huge eyes one expects from a high quality anime. Click here for in game screen shots of the characters in Hack Mars.

Scientific Experimentation
Every secondary school student on Mars is expected to take up an internship with a scientist. Minigames designed to be fun, educational, and useful are abound in Hack Mars. Half of Hack Mars is starting a revolution, the other half is living your life. Even anarchists must eat. Click here for more information.

Computer Repair/Maintenance
Understanding and diagnosing computer hardware and software problems is a realistic job in post-apocalyptic world. Workstations and servers can be fixed for money or trade with enough technical expertise. Minigames and missions in Hack Mars require the fixing of computers and electronics. Click here for information on missions that involve computer maintenance experience.

Open Source
Hack Mars is Open Source under the GPL. That means that you can port Hack Mars to any platform that can handle it's system requirements. It also means that anyone can write a game using the source. It also means you can view the source to ensure that it is bugfree and invunerable to bugs. It does not mean that you can pirate it any easier than closed source games. Hack Mars is not free as in beer. Click here to use the source.

Hack Mars was written entirely by one person. There is no corporation, no censorship, no middleman. That means that the money you send me to purchase Hack Mars goes directly to feeding me and making more awesome games. Click here for info on the creator and his journey creating Hack Mars.

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